About Us

We are a small independent family business, with a passion for home fragrance!
Our story began in 2016, when a love for scented candles turned into a curiosity for a product which lasted longer & smelled stronger. After huge amounts of time, research & testing, we were finally happy that we could make this product at home & gift to family & friends. Very soon, this gift (through word of mouth and customer demand) became a product that we are happy to call our own..... The Scenty Melt
Still handmade & hand-poured in very small batches (with our own recipe), from only the best ingredients we can find means we can make sure each batch is of the best quality. 

We are trying to reduce our plastic usage, therefore all of our melt bars are packaged in recyclable, sustainable paper bags.

We are fully CLP compliant, meaning each and every product will have a list of ingredients and allergens on the individual packaging. If you aware that you have certain allergies, feel free to email us before you purchase if the ingredients aren't listed on the product description. We use only the best ingredients we can find to provide you with quality items and try to keep our prices very reasonable. 

While all home fragrance products do contain some chemicals, we avoid any nasty chemicals & only use a safe recommended amount in our products.

Our product library is constantly growing with the needs & wants of our customers, if there are any products you would like us to make/stock, please feel free to email/message us via whichever media you prefer.

We started our little melt family on Facebook so have a longer history on that media channel than Instagram, however, we also love receiving customer feedback photos & tags and are trying to grow our followers. Follow us to get sneaky peeks of new products or special offers, discounts, etc.