Masculine Room & Fabric Sprays

Product code: RMSPY
A Fresh, Clean Smell Wherever & Whenever You Like With A Little Spritz Of These...

The ultimate in manliness! In a handy little bottle.

  • 50ml Pocket Size 

  • Long Lasting Scent 

  • Perfect for homes... Spray in the air, around furniture, curtains, wardrobes, etc.. 

  • Perfect for cars... Small size, easily stored, great to freshen up old car air fresheners 

  • Perfect for clothes... Need to freshen up your clothes while out & about ? Just give a little spritz  

Safe Use Guidelines  

Keep away from Children & Pets 

We recommend spraying at arms length, away from face & eyes 

Do NOT use on skin/body, etc.. 

Do NOT spray on delicate fabrics, if unsure, please test a small amount or avoid use 


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Product Code RMSPY
Weight 1.1kg