Scented Carpet Freshener

Product code: CF/ALI-5
Highly fragranced home & carpet scented powder freshener available in a range of favourite scents. Large 500g shaker tubs for easy application.

Highly fragranced carpet freshener available in a range of favourite scents. 

Powder fresheners are a superb way to help in removing lingering odours from carpets, rugs, mattresses, etc. leaving a clean fresh smell in your home!  
Supplied in a 500g shaker bottle for easy application. 

For carpets, rugs & mattresses:  

Simply sprinkle onto your carpet, rug or mattress & leave for 30 minutes – 2 hours then vacuum thoroughly (Do not use on damp/wet areas).  

Follow your vacuum manufacturers advice to clean the Hoover filter after use. We will not accept liability for damage caused by misuse. 

Always patch test before use.  

Keep out of reach of children and pets. 

Remove pets from the room before application/use. 

Other uses: 

Sprinkle a little into your rubbish bin to help remove any nasty odours. 

Sprinkle into your mop bucket for a clean fresh scent while you mop. 


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Scent Alien
Type Powder
Product Code CF/ALI-5
Weight 1kg